Plump My wife is from behind

Hello friends I am Olca. I am a married man and my bbw wife’s name is Desire. When I married with desire, I was 20 years old and 18 years old. We have a marriage of about 10 years. My chubby wife has all the characteristics of her name. A desireful and sexy feminine as his name implies. I mean, no matter how much I tell you about her beauty, it’s empty. It is not possible to understand me without seeing it. I had been dreaming that another man fucked chubby mom her in the last days when she was fucking my wife and decided to tell her what she wanted. My wife pulls a great blow and I would always dream of having someone behind those hips while I’m making love with my wife while my love blows away I want to smoke nothing but you and I do not want people who want to go out and dreams of someone you see most of the time, I said a fantasy please, and it started to go on coz five minutes passed and I look at the oops Look, I said it was great to make love fantasy I dreamed of our bed room I relaxed and relieved I know every woman dreams of every man is a person ornament my son never bothered to say I never made a joke and my love man made the pensions late I said I do not know her but erolabenden likes very much now she said my yarrağımı like her lie and I said never open your eyes I started my 10 year old wife I did not know what to do now I gotta take my sixties my wife was a sickle now my sikerkenkarımı erol i said i would not be my wife how would i be i look my love istermustern job do not have to leave my bag ı had my money in my bag i was in the workplace params to come with my husband is not good my relationship is zero I said, but I got a condition I got a contour on the phone I put the phone in my purse, I said I could put my phone in my purse, it was an hour passed, I was waiting for my crazy phone, I had a phone call I heard my wife ‘s fermus, my bag was deem partner started Two hours and fifteen minutes on the phone I listened to my wife descending descent my wife came home while sitting in the car while I was sitting on the pace while my wife was sitting slowly and sideways noldudim I bite my lips and made it into the back I said I was ejaculated even if my wife is still soaked behind the peach I’m still smoking my wife is still enjoying my wife, became


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