My friend’s wife was in my bed

My friend’s wife was in my bed
Hi, they love sex stories. I want to tell you about a special story that just happened to me very soon. This incident happened in search of my friend’s naked wife The woman’s name is Nihal and my friend is 3 years old. Whenever I went to them, Nihal showed me a very special interest. This interest paid attention to me in time and I started to be close to him. My friend called me one day and said that he was in a lot of trouble. When I went to his side, he told me that they had a fight with his nude wife That night we both got along and drank. By the end of the day, we both got drunk. I went to their house to leave my friend. The door opened Nihal, but what I was seeing was a very sexy nightgown on my face. My friend is so drunk he can not open his eyes. I knew at the moment that this night would be very special. I put my friend in bed with Nihal. I wanted to go home but Nihal said it was late without letting me and I would make a bed for you too. I confirmed too. I had fallen asleep in the night hours so I realized that a hand wound my hand. Of course, my little dog was upright. Nihal was against me when I opened the shade. He took my son in his mouth without losing any time and started to lick. I was not doing anything. A little later, he sat slowly on the scrape and started jumping. In those minutes I went out to the peaks of pleasure. My friend sleeps inside and I fuck his wife. I did not even hear the spirit of my friend that I put on Nihal until the sabbath that night.


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